David Archer

Administration Team Leader

The Administration Team is responsible for day to day operation needs of the Association’s organization. The Administration Team serves at the direction of the Messengers in Session.

The Administration Team is made up of the Associational Missionary, Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Clerk and the Chairs of the Permanent Sub Teams:

Personnel (Will handle all matters relating to Associational staff and will make recommendations to the Messengers in session for any actions relating to Staff)

Financial (Will handle all matters relating to finances and will recommend to the Messengers in session an annual Ministry Oriented Budget.

Assets (Will handle all issues related to the assets of the Association such as the building, properties and contents etc.)

Leadership Enlistment (Will be responsible for seeking, recruiting and recommending appropriate leaders for the various positions of service in the association for approval by the messengers in session.)